New Summer Writing Competition!

Dear Everyone,

The Summer writing competition is announced!!

The theme this time is “Me and my pet.”

Please write a story, a poem , a diary entry or anything at all to tell me all about how special your pet is and what he or she means to you.  If you do not have a pet, please write an imaginary piece of writing about what your favourite pet would be like or even a persuasive letter to convince your parents to buy you your favourite pet! In the Summer Term, we are having an RSPCA day because you told the School Council you wanted to raise money for animals and we will learn all about how to care for our pets, so this is a great chance to write about them!

Remember, the rules are the same: share your writing with your class members and choose the best entry for your class. Please give your writing to your class teacher by Thursday 23rd April.I will lead a whole school assembly on Thursday 30th April announcing the winners and those lucky winners will share their writing on your class blogs and choose a prize from the magic basket!

I can’t wait for you to share your ideas , look out for the posters around school to remind you and happy writing!

Mrs Marks

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