Writing Competition Winners!

I hope everyone is excited about the assembly tomorrow. I am looking forward to hearing extracts from the winning stories and giving out prizes from the magic box! I do apologise that this assembly had to be postponed from before Christmas as I was unwell. I hope the stories will be posted on your class blogs and that many more children will get to share your brilliant stories!

4 thoughts on “Writing Competition Winners!

  1. Matthew

    Today I found out I had won the writing competition for 3L. Here is my story.

    It was Christmas Eve and Harry was very excited. He had hung his stocking up on the wall next to his bed and fell fast asleep. In his dream, he had thought of all the exciting things that Santa would bring him. When Harry woke up, he looked in his stocking and found nothing but a silver box. It was very shiny, with a star on the lid. He opened it to find nothing but a massive hole!

    He climbed into the shiny box and fell down the big hole, soon after he found himself sitting in a big armchair. He looked around, everyone was in a big hurry. Then out of the corner of one eye he saw a big red thing sitting in the chair next to him. Harry turned his head very slightly and to his surprise he saw Santa.

    “Hello there” Harry said “are you Santa?” He sure was! “I invited you here because you’re so kind and I and Mrs Claus would like to meet you. Please do come in and meet Mrs Claus.” Harry slowly followed Santa into the kitchen where Mrs Claus was just finishing making lovely mince pies. “Hello” Mrs Claus said “you came just at the right time for mince pies, after we can go and see the Reindeers.” The mince pies were the best in the world! “Thank you” Harry said politely, when they had finished eating the mince pies. Then they wandered towards the Reindeer hut were all the Reindeers were relaxing. As soon as they got there Harry spotted Rudolph with his very bright and shiny nose. “I better be of now” Harry said. “No wait just one last thing I would like to show you my helpers” Santa ordered. “Ok it must be quick though.” They hurried towards the workshop to meet them, Harry couldn’t help saying how kind they were. Then Harry said a big “thank you and goodbye.” He made his way back to the hole and went home.

    The End

    1. pmarks Post author

      I am glad Harry got to try some mince pies! It is very easy to see why you won the writing competition in your class; the story flowed very well with a descriptive choice of vocabulary. Well done! Mrs Marks

  2. Jasmine

    Matthew, I really enjoyed reading your story because you used loads of descriptive words. I hope you enter more competitions and write more great stories like this again. Jasmine


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