Writing Competition

Hi Everyone,
I have some exciting news! I am launching a writing competition that I would like everyone from Year One upwards to enter.
Please write a story using this as your story starter:
It was Christmas Eve and Harry was very excited. He had hung his stocking up on the wall next to his bed and fell fast asleep. In his dream, he had thought of all the exciting things that Santa would bring him. When Harry woke up, he looked in his stocking and found nothing but a silver box. It was very shiny, with a star on the lid. He opened it to find……………
Please finish this story in the most descriptive, exciting way you can.
Please hand it in to your class teacher by Friday 5th December Your teachers or fellow class mates will choose the winning entry for your class by so that one winner from each class can read out their writing on Thursday 11th December during a special whole school assembly and they can choose their prize from the basket! It can then be written on the class blog and other children can read it from all over the world!
Each class winning entry will also be put in to a book to be kept in school to show how wonderful the writing is in our school.
Good Luck! Mrs Marks

4 thoughts on “Writing Competition

  1. Nick

    It sounds like a very exciting competition. I look forward to seeing the entries on the blog.

    Good luck everyone!

    Mr Alford


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